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Plasma Converter Device - Green-Tech Solution to Multiple Eco-Challenges
E-Commerce (Under Construction) Website>> Go to ichaz.com and add: /r2l
Bio-Feedback Therapy Technology
Advertising, Public Relations, Promotion & Publicity Agency (Under Construction)
Mountain Retreat Vacation Home near Yosemite
Musician Promotion and CD Sales
Website for Americana Restaurant
Optomized Website for Search Engine Recognition
Website for Lebanese Restaurant with Flash and MP3 media
Ecological Activism and Vegan Lifestyle
Artist Portfolio Website
Renaissance Singer/Musician Website
Rock Band Website, Text, Photography, Graphics, MP3 Media
Artist Portfolio Website
Holistic Therapy System
Corporate / Organization Websites
Fictitious Insurance Co. with an unusual Circular page layout
Cable Radio Show, Edited MP3 Media, Layout, Pictures, Articles, Video
Photography, Graphics, Image Randomizer, Mahayana Buddhist Org.
Redo & Update: Custom Window Installations, Photos
Graphics Portfolios / Websites
Portfolio of my Graphics, Gif & Flash Animations
Graphics, Flash Animations
Portfolio of my Photography and Photoshop Work
Portrait Photography and Photoshop Work
Photography with Special Photoshop Filter & Flash Work
General Photography and Photoshop Work in Flash Layout
Photography, Sculpture, History of Rare Bronze Doors
Alternate Index of Websites
(Earlier) Index of Websites with Animated Gifs
Draft Artist Display with "Torn Paper" Layout
Draft Display for Tutoring Services
Music Oriented Websites / Displays
  Recording Studio, Multi Rehearsal Space & Performance Venue in San Jose  
Rock Band Website, Graphics, MP3 Media, PayPal, Video
Musician Website: Original & Cover Tunes & Arrangements, MP3 Media
Flash Animation "Splah Page" and Website for Recording Studio
Musician Website, Song List, MP3 Media
Splash Page for upcoming site