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• Over 25 years experience in advertising, marketing and public relations, classically trained on Madison Avenue, New York City.

• Over 20 years experience with a specialized focus in the Natural Health Industry. Solid personal working relationships with key editors, publishers, freelancers, authors, practitioners, etc.

• Our clients include winners of the prestigious NutrAward for Best New Product of 2006, one of the Top Three Finalists for NutrAward in 2008, plus Best New Supplement in a major consumer mag!

• No shotgun approach: Our strategy is hands-on: personal phone calls and follow-ups... Yes, it's time consuming, but very effective. (An exception would be with Breaking News). An integrated PR approach that encompasses a full range of marketing and advertising disciplines [could we list a few of these instead?. ]

• Award-winning copywriting services, working in tandem with award-winning designers, graphic illustrators, artists, photographers, and others...

• Team Players: We work very closely with top management and with your marketing and creative staff members to identify areas of concern. These will enhance your specific marketing, advertising and Public Relations goals. The result? The successful creation of SALES along with brand/company/services/personality awareness.

• In addition to a complete media database, we have compiled a proprietary database of more than 2400 health writers and reporters for print, radio, TV and Internet, from local to international.

• Experienced in all facets of the industry: specialty nutrients, vitamins, minerals, herbals, extracts, homeopathics, nutraceuticals, organics, natural foods & beverages, aromatherapy, health & beauty, sports/fitness nutrition, & an array of authors, lecturers, personalities, MDs, NDs & other practitioners.

• Our specialty: A comprehensive compilation of Editorial Calendars for the natural health industry created annually & updated monthly. This results in fore-knowledge of exactly what the editors will be featuring and in which issue. This creates a win-win situation when pitching related stories: the editors appreciate the relevant information and our clients get ink!